Our Talent

We believe that our actions should exemplify and then exceed our words to bring the most value.

Because the execution of our gifts are meant to better help the people we serve to reach "their" ultimate goals.

We show this by inspiring people everyday to #GrindAndDontQuit by aligning their actions to live up to their goals.  

This is how we help you tell your story by producing voice overs that cause the hearer to take action

Earl Hall

Sherry Benson

Jeff Moon

Steve McNamara

Lori Denise

Brian Broggie

Nick Denton

Kevin Steinmetz

Our Studio

“Our Goal Is To Help You Reach Yours.”

We know that one of the most important things you do is tell a story.  Storytelling is how we communicate real meaning and even value.  Your clients have a story to tell and frankly, we can tell that story in a very compelling way.

We operate successfully by putting your needs first.  This is not just a platitude.  It is our North Star.  It is what drives us.  You see, we know that in 2017 you need to work with an agency that is more than flexible.  You need an agency that actually puts you first.

Our voice talent crew is a family.  We do not work with hundreds or thousands of voice talent.  We have a small core group of male and female talent.  We also have access to talent in most every language

We operate with a select group because we value relationships, not only with our clients, but with our talent as well.

If you have hired voice talent before, then you already know what a chore it can be to select from 50 or more candidates.  You also know what a hassle it can be to try and communicate with that voice talent through a middle-man.

We eliminate all of that.  When you work with us on a continuous basis our relationship grows to a point where we actually speak the same language and learn your needs perfectly.

This is how we help you tell your story by producing voice overs that cause the hearer to take action.

What We do

Is simply tell your stories and make them sound amazing.

We provide voice over for:

  • Explainer Video Narration
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Documentaries
  • Radio commercials
  • TV commercials
  • Promos
  • Audiobooks
  • Corporate Training Narration
  • E-Learning Narration

Some of our past clients:

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Phone: 414.499.0521   email:earl@earlhallstudio.com