Does Your CEO, Marketing Director, or Creative Director Know This

In 2018 getting a professional audio production for your commercials can be a chore.  It seems that there are way too many steps to take and too many checks to write to get this, what should be a simple task, completed.

The normal route is to hire a talent agent.  Then that agent has to go through numerous voice actors to get one selected.  After that, you have to find an actual studio send that voice actor to in order to get the voice recorded.  After that, the studio has to select music and sound effects to put with the voice to create the final production.

Oh, and don’t forget you as the client still has to approve all of that.  If you don’t like any of it, then you start again.  WOW!

This process seems like so much overkill.  Too many organizations to coordinate and communicate with.  It makes the process too long



What if you only had to deal with one organization that could do it all, even the script writing?

The talent agent gets a fee.  The voice talent gets a fee, the scriptwriter gets a fee, the recording studio gets a fee.

You see how this adds up and digs into your budget?

Here is the deal.  Why not work with a company that has it all for lower rates?  I would like to see if I can give you some real value at no cost to you.  Well, that is to 10 of the Thousands of people that actually get this message.

I am offering a free fully produced 60 second commercial for your company.

Earl Hall Studio LLC is a voice over recording studio located at the corner of Water and St Paul in downtown Milwaukee WI.  We have done work globally for the last decade and quite frankly I want to do some more work right here in south-east Wisconsin and throughout the United States.

Over the past 6 months, we have produced audio and done commercials for Wisconsin Tourism, RESCARE, HUD, Creative Marketing Resources, Tri Marq Media Production Company, and also local talent agents.

What I would like to do for you is see if I can actually offer you some real value.  The way I can do this for you is by offering a completely free fully produced commercial of up to 60 seconds.  

There is more.

Because Earl Hall Studio LLC has a voice over talent pool, full production studio, and scriptwriters it means you can do everything with us at lower cost (if you choose work with us after getting your free audio piece).  Yep, all under one roof.

After taking advantage of our free service and we prove our value to you we hope we can work more together in the future with great prices, turnaround times, and outstanding quality.

You can take a listen to some of our talent right on our site at

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