Your Brand New Mic Will Not Get You More Voiceover Work

One of the things I find so funny and at the same time irritating is how so many of us Voiceover Artist stress out about a microphone.  Let’s just be honest so many VOs feel that they cant get work because all they can afford right now is a Blue Yeti.

Spoiler alert! Its not your mic that is stopping you from getting work.  It’s your work ethic and lack of real marketing ability that is probably to blame.

I was wondering about the whole coaching thing as well.  You know how the answer we all get to getting more work is to get more coaching.  I’m calling BS!  I talk to more voiceover talent that have spent thousands, yes thousands of dollars, on coaching over years and years.  Yet after almost ten years they still cant get a core client base.

If someone told you they wanted to be a pro football player, a doctor, a musician, or anything else, yet after 10 years they hadn’t figured it out, what would tell them?

My point is that either we have the chops or we don’t.  The sad part about this is that MOST people I have come across in voiceover could make a great living at it…

If they would stop using a 20 year old model to try and make it in this business.  Yes, most everyone in voiceover I come across is still trying to get an agent, still trying to do endless auditions on the Pay2Play sites.  Why?

Because that is all most of them know.  Because they think they NEED more coaching.  Because they think they need that $2000 microphone.  THEN THEY WILL MAKE IT…


I have seen good talent simply leave the industry and their passion all because they simply wont break out of that 80’s and 90’s mindset of how to be a voiceover artist.

How and why people hire a voiceover talent is vastly different today than it was just 5 years ago.  Let’s assume you have a decent mic and know a thing or two about reading copy.  I mean you have had coaching right?  You have the skills.  What you don’t have is a 2016 strategy of how to get clients.

You do realize that you don’t need anyone’s permission to go after a client? Any client?  Right? Maybe it’s fear or self doubt but there are tons of ckient, big and small, that are looking forr you.  All you have to do is go get them.

Back to your microphone.  As long as you have about a $100 microphone and great skills at using your audio editing software package of choice (even Audacity) you can make a great living in VO.

I am going to end here and wait for your questions, comments and criticisms then in my next blog post I am going to address those and tell you exactly why and how you need to start changing your mindset as to your approach of getting business in the voiceover industry.

Please comment and share.  You have no idea how valuable I believe this conversation can be with you in it!